Call for Entrusted Businesses for 2nd “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO” (tentative name) Implementation Plan Formulation Support and Operation Consignment

We are pleased to announce that we are soliciting applications for a contractor for 2nd “”THE ROAD RACE TOKYO”” (tentative name), preparations for event operation, day-of-event management, and public relations.


1. Event Overview
2nd “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO” (tentative name)
(1) Date (tentative)
  Sunday, July 13, 2025
(2) Event details
  We organize and hold road races and races for the general public in the Tama region, where the Tokyo 2020 Games were held, using legacy courses in order to pass on the excitement and excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Games to the future.

Events on the day of the convention
(1) Date (tentative)
  Sunday, July 13, 2025
(2) Event details
  The event will be planned and held centered on the finish line, with a ” festivities” in mind, so that everyone from children to adults, including visitors and local residents, can feel the charm of the road race and become more familiar with bicycles.

Event on the day before the convention
(1) Date (tentative)
  To be held on the day before 2nd “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO” (tentative name)
(2) Event details
  The event will be planned and held on the day before the event to enhance the momentum to promote spectatorship of the road race.

Event to enhance the momentum
(1) Date (tentative)
  Assumed to be held on multiple days during the period from the day after the contract is finalized to July 13, 2025.
(2) Event details
  Events will be planned and held to promote road race spectating and to build momentum for the event.

2. Contract Method
  Negotiated Contract (Proposal-Based Method)

3. Application Requirements
 All of the following requirements must be met.
(1) Qualified bidder for competitive bidding for the purchase of goods, etc. in Tokyo, registered in business category 120 “Event Related Business”, or registered or have a track record of equivalent qualifications in other prefectures, municipalities, etc (A copy of the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Qualification Form for Participation in Competitive Bidding for Purchases, etc. in FY2023 and 2024” or its equivalent (including contracts, etc.) must be submitted at the time of application).

(2) The applicant must be accredited as stipulated in Article 4 of the Security Services Law (Law No. 117 of 1972). If the applicant is accredited by a public safety commission other than the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, a copy of the notification with the seal of acceptance of the public safety commission with jurisdiction over the area of the prefecture in question as stipulated in Article 9 of the same law shall also be attached.

(3) The applicant must not be under the period of suspension of nomination, etc., based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Outline of Measures for Suspension of Nomination of Qualified Bidders for Participation in Bidding Competitions.

4. Application Deadline
  5:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 8, 2024

5. How to Apply
  Applicants should send Form 1 “Application Form” and documents showing that they meet the application requirements to the following e-mail address within the application period. Please use the following as the subject line.

 ・Application form should be submitted to
   To: GRAND CYCLE TOKYO Executive Committee Secretariat (in charge of contracts)
   E-mail address: (for receiving only)
   Subject: Support for the formulation of the implementation plan for 2nd “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO” (tentative name) and consignment of the operation of the event

6. Details of entrusted work, etc.
  For details, please refer to the documents listed below.
  ・Call for Proposals (PDF)
  ・Proposal Format (PPT)
  ・Specifications (PDF)
  ・Appendix of Specifications (PDF)
  ・Cost Breakdown Sheet (Excel)
  ・Proposal Review Criteria (PDF)
  ・Form 1, 2, 3 Application Form, Questionnaire, Decline Form (Word)

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