“In order to convey the appeal of bicycles to a wide range of people, we have appointed INAMURA Ami, KANDA Aika, KOJIMA Yoshio, TAKEI So and DANCHO Yasuda as our ambassadors to promote the appeal of bicycles to a wide range of people.
(INAMURA Ami and TAKEI Sou will continue to serve as ambassadors as they did last year.) All ambassadors will cooperate in participating in future events and disseminating information through SNS and other means.”

Message from INAMURA Ami

We’d like to make GRAND CYCLE TOKYO “the best festival” in Tokyo!

Message from KANDA Aika

We would like to convey the message that Tokyo is a city suitable for bicycles!

Message from KOJIMA Yoshio

You can ride bicycles on the Rainbow Bridge only on this day. We hope many people will participate!

Message from TAKEI Sou

Enjoy the spectacular view of Tokyo and the extraordinary experience!

Message from Dancho YASUDA

I’m super-excited and really looking forward to crossing two big bridges by bicycle!

(in no particular order,
in Japanese syllabary order)